Get Started Playing The Smartest, Coolest and Most Addictive Stock Market Game Ever

How well do your investing and trading skills compare to our Top 10 of All-Time? Can you too rise through the ranks from being a Junior Trader to Wall Street Legend without falling to Shoe-shiner? Start playing Stock Market Events That Mattered right now and prove that you can!

Great Uncle Buster Will Reading
In Stock Market Events That Mattered (Or Did They?), you’ll have the opportunity to trade some of the biggest events and to invest in some of the biggest names in the last thirty years. Will you buy calls or short common stock for a year to trade the Homebuilders Setup in January 2005? Will you invest in Nike when the Air Jordan was first released and hold it forever? Are you sure the stock is up since then? Other examples from the more than 30 opportunities we’ve hand-picked include: the First iPhone Launch Setup in January 2007, the Financials in Collapse Setup from January 2008 and the Hot New Sector Setup from January 2000. In another version in the very same game, you’ll have to decide if the Russian Mob is after you and your fortune.

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